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the artist is the creator of beautiful things

to reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim.

25 July 1985
So, who is this chick?;

I read textbooks for fun. I'm really big into photography, and post a lot of pictures. I also love art, but most of my other art is kept private in a paper-journal. I collect and save everything. I'm completely obsessed with hockey. I have season tickets to Chicagos AHL team - the Wolves. We're affiliates with the Thrashers, so I'm pretty much a default fan... but even if it wasn't default, I'd still be a fan of them. I also love the Avs and Wild. I also cheer for many other teams like the Bruins and Panthers, but I'm not a *diehard* fan like I am for the Thrashers, Avs, and Wild. I'm interested in everything; learning about everything. I love learning about different countries, their culture, their society, and everything about it. I listen to every single genre of music, and I can't get enough of it. I am a movie geek. I'm generally quiet, and won't speak unless I have something to say - I often hear "You don't speak a lot, but when you do... you speak volumes." I like this about myself. My best friend is my dad. I love making mix-cds. I'm a classical gal. I love Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean. I'm a little-town type of girl, but I love love love love love Chicago - I'll never move too far away from it. I'm in a ton of LJ Communities just to meet new people. I want to meet anybody and everybody - as long as they're dramatic.